Monday, July 19, 2010

A Vintage Lover's Dilemma

More often than not, there is no dilemma when deciding whether to sell or keep vintage; it fits and looks good (keep), it doesn’t fit or look good (sell). But other times, it can be a bit more complicated than that. Such is the case with one of my newest finds. An amazing 1950s Dior Chapeux.

Do I think this hat looks good on me…no. But the hat looks good. And it’s definitely a collector’s piece. So…to keep or not to keep? I think I’ll sit on this for a bit. For now, some vintage Dior eye candy:

Vintage Turbans:

"My" Dior (late night goofy shoot pics...just for fun!)

I wasn't planning on posting the pics of myself. It was late and I was still in my beach gear, but I figured I'd practice sharing pics of me.

So, would you keep the hat even if you know you wouldn't wear it?


  1. Although it is an adorable hat, I would probably sell it because I know that, even though I won't use it, someone else out there would use it and love it and, yeah. I think it should get passed along :)

  2. i'm having this dilemma with a military hat i found last year. so i've been keeping it for a while now, i guess. haven't worn it. i already took photos to list it......but just can't seem to do it.

  3. tough one. would prob' sell because no doubt you'll come across one soon you love and will wear...have same issue with a fur one with butterfly thing on it...

  4. I would say keep it until/if you're ready to part with it. There's no sense in forcing yourself to do something that you may regret.