Saturday, July 10, 2010

Fruit Punch! {{weekend shop update & preview}}

I thought today's shop update was going to be one of my last summer listings -- but, no -- oh no! -- I happened upon some really great 40s summer tops, a 70s Missoni dress, and more!

But those will come later, for now it's PrettyDamnCute Fruit Punch!

Speaking of fruit punch...I must recommend Edy's Lemonade Frozen Fruit Bars for those who haven't tried them yet. They are really my savior this hott summer! Year round, I live off of the Coconut flavor, but lemonade has been really rocking my world as of late.

Okay, I should save this for tomorrow, but I just can't. Here's a sneak peak of things to come in the shop (please note they are wet and hanging to dry -- that's why they look odd)! Also, I like that you can only really see the tags and some of the fabric -- it's like a puzzle.

These items are all coming SOON!

[NOTE: If any of you lovelies know how to move or get rid of the giant "", I'd love to be privy to that information. It started off small and uncentered but now it's dominating my collages ;( THANKS!]