Monday, July 5, 2010

EAT YOUR HEART OUT {{shop update}}

I love a good theme party. It gives me an excuse to dress up. Especially if it means getting to by new things. But, I must admit, I don't get all that excited about 80s themed parties. Until...on the eve of the last 80s bday bash I had to attend, I found this dress. It is amazing. It's both totally 80s (tight, jungle animals, miniskirt, & shoulder pads), but it's also flattering and, dare I say it -- cute. Seriously, there is a lion eating the right breast -- what is not to love?

But, I own too many dresses to horde costumes. So, it's now in the shop for those who love 80s, animals, awesomeness, or for those who are attending a Lady Gaga concert in the near future.


Cousin of the EAT YOUR HEART OUT DRESS from Greatest Friend vintage:

Iconic leopard belt:


  1. I think Gaga herself would love to wear it!

  2. YES! i do love a good jungle print.... the jumpsuit is on its way to Norway already.