Monday, October 11, 2010

Doppelgangers! {& Some Updates too!}

I feel as though I've been seeing double a lot lately. Or perhaps, the truth is that I've been doing a lot of online fantasy shopping as of late and inevitably leads to seeing more of everything!

Here are some of my new shop listings mixed in with their doppelgangers! Just click on the image to view the link.

1. Cropped plaid coat from PrettyDamnCute
2. Long plaid coat from Modcloth
3. 1940s Red Swing Coat from PrettyDamnCute
4. 1950s Black Swing Coat from Qs Daydream Vintage
5. Pink Pearl Snap Wranlger from PrettyDamnCute
6. Blue Peal Snap Wrangler sold by PrettyDamnCute