Wednesday, June 30, 2010 outfit post...

I thought I looked really cute today. It's was our school's "moving up" ceremony where the kids and teachers get all dressed up and the teachers make speeches and give awards. Anyway, I wear a dress just about everyday and the only special thing about this dress is that it was "new;" and by new I mean, the kids had never seen me wear it as it is used ($4 from Salvo).

When we got home from work, I quickly interrupted my husband while he was killing ants in the backyard and asked him to take pics of me. Light is bad and his patience (err...I mean skills) may need to be taken into consideration.

I love the dress as it looks 40s but is from the 70s. The scalloped petal collar and sleeves are so cute. Plus the simple pearl buttons. The only downside is that it's polyester and a couple of the polka dots are wearing off -- hence the faint blurry spots.

The t-straps are my favorite shoes that I searched for high and low. They are the inspiration for this blogpost. I wear them at least 3 days a week.

The bracelet is one I "re-found" today in my jewelry box. I don't think I've worn it in year, but it looks so sweet. Hooray for the re-found.

Now this is where I will briefly mention that I have gained weight and am in the process of losing it. I don't plan to catalog much about this in the blog, but let's just say I hope to do more outfit posts but not until I feel better about the way I look.

Lastly, the purse is a prop. It's a new listing in the shop!

Dress: 70s does 40s thrifted

Bracelet: Markings say it's from Norway. Can't even recall where it's from I've had it so long (yard sale? )

Shoes: Crown Vintage (I've heard rumors that this label is really Jeffrey Campbell but under a different name) via ebay

Bag: In my shop! PrettyDamnCute

Monday, June 28, 2010

Wicked Shady

Ok. Sorry for the title. I'm from New England and cannot always keep myself from using wicked. Especially when I'm not at school.

Anyways, I've been obsessing about my "new" sunglasses that I yard saled a few months back. Tortoise shell Laura Ashley's. The look like 80s Ray Bans but that have this gold bit on the side with flowers on it (better pics to come someday). My Laura Ashley's are last.

Here are some of my favs for sale now:

From Modcloth:
SPLURGE from Alexander Wang:

Luckily I got mine right around the same time that Rhiannon got hers, {{gush}}:

1. 80s rare RayBan from whatthefunk
2. Rhinestones from thevintagegreen
3. Vintage Dior another great pair from whatthefunk
4. Butterscotch from VintageButterflyRae
5. Round-eyes from wildfellhallvintage
6. Modcloth's
7. Zipper Sunglasses from Alexander Wang

These are mine. I bet you can tell I didn't take the pic for the I said, better pics to come in a future post!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Shop update: Weekend Getaway!

I grew up being schlepped across the country in a car during every school vacation. This translated into driving myself up and down the east coast for school (MA to NC). The schlepping continues as I've married a Brit whose family loves to schlep all over the UK.

Needless to say, I am a very good packer. I dislike when folks or magazines advise that everything must coordinate (duh), but then they proceed to only pack solid colors -- usually white, black, grey, and red -- (blah). I'm a color person AND a print person, so it takes talent to pack light and still look good, but, I'm not beyond bragging -- I'm good.

These are some new items in the shop and some that will be coming later this week! I think this would make a great carry-on bag getaway wardrobe!

Bon Voyage!

PS -- I have a GREAT white beaded vintage bag that would go great with all of this. But, I'm saving it for my first giveaway. Once I hit 50 blog followers, I'll be giving the bag away! Teaser pic:

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Madly, truly deeply: The Bees Knees

This is my new dress. I had planned to do my first outfit post wearing it, but I'm too giddy to keep this under wraps any longer. Yes, those are sweet, tiny little bees on the dress. When I do an outfit post wearing the dress, which I plan to wear often, I'll get some better close up shots.

This is without a doubt, the best vintage piece I own (well, actually my 1930s engagement ring is numero uno, but this is my fav dress -- someday, when we're a bit more intimate, I'll blog about the ring).

The neckline is so flattering. The fabric so soft. The print, oh the print! If Bert from Burt's Bees offered me a grand for this dress, I don't think I'd let it go. Dress love for sure. Cannot wait to wear it -- perhaps for the last day of school next week!

Other great 40s prints for sale around the world wide web:

This is a fav that I would own if it were my size (it's still in my favs, just in case my waist shrinks):

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Shop update

Sweaters may seem like an odd post for the 2nd day of summer, but let me explain: 1. I live in New England near the sea and a good summer sweater is a must. 2. it's not summer everywhere, silly!

These are three great summer-worthy picks just listed in the shop tonight:

This one is really the prettiest in terms of color. The pic is horribly washed out thanks to cloudy weather every weekend. But the lavender is rich and bold as is the coral:

A pale, yellow pointelle:

And, finally, the love birds. Check out a close-up -- it's too cute:

Oh, and by the way, Christina of the Etsy shop Sabrina Holly Vintage, interviewed me for her blog! Check it out here!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Summer of LOVE

In terms of my personal fashion style, I tend to gravitate toward 40s house dresses, 50s accessories, and 60s wiggle dresses.

Though, I must admit, some of my favorite fashion loves are from the 70s. Usually this is a one-off thing: a top here, shoes there, a killer dress. But lately, I've been loving 70s sundresses. Of course, I've yet to find one in my size. But these two are in my shop for you, perhaps:

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Obsessed: T-straps

I can't get enough of t-straps. After oogling cute pairs on all my favorite bloggers, I finally found a great pair of my own. Here are some of my favs and my favorite bloggers. The last pair is mine in currently in the shop!
(Click the pictures for the links)

Anja's mustard t-straps definitely fed my frenzy. Most her shop posts this winter seemed to feature these amazing yellow t-straps! They were everywhere.

I think Emily owns my dream wardrobe. She also owns more t-straps than I can count! Emily, if you wear a 9.5/10 and ever want to unload your lot -- I'm here!

These amazing cinnamon colored pair are currently on sale in my shop:

And this dreamy pair is new at Modcloth:

Monday, June 14, 2010

Owl Mania

One part cute; one part creepy. Well, the creepy owl reference can be understood by those of us who know David Lynch's Twin Peaks series (if you don't know, you should) or have watched the film The Fourth Kind (if you haven't yet, don't).

But generally speaking, owls are pretty darn cute. What it is, I don't know exactly. Baby owls are definitely cute -- but what baby animal isn't? I'm guessing it has to do with their round heads and big eyes (it works for Kate Moss and Hello Kitty -- sounds like a formula for success)! [Side note: I once read an article written somewhere, by someone that claimed that Kate Moss' beauty could be mathematically proven. It asserted that we as humans are drawn to certain symmetries as we find them cute or beautiful and that she, Kate Moss, is the perfect example of that symmetry).

So, I've been seeing lots of owls all over lately. Below are some of my favs plus a necklace that I'll be listing shortly. I must admit, though, this post is mostly in honor of my Alma mater: Warren Wilson College. WWC is not your average college -- that's even part of their motto: "We're not for everyone...but then, maybe your not everyone." (Seriously, you can't make things like that up). I love Warren Wilson in ways that I cannot even express in a blog post that is supposed to be about owls...

And now, after no further blabber, the owls. (Just click the pics for the links).

Sunday, June 13, 2010

An Outfit Perhaps

1. Necklace -- jeanjeanvintage
2. 70s Ruth Saltz bag -- my shop
3. 50s Ferrano heels -- my shop
4. Dress -- my shop

I think I'm just about ready to end my blogging hiatus. I've been reading so many great blogs lately, and each time I think "I've really got to get going on this." But time is always against me. Now that my summer vacation is just weeks away, I'm going to try to start getting more posts up.

This would be a great outfit. Actually, those HEELS will make everything a great outfit!