Thursday, June 24, 2010

Madly, truly deeply: The Bees Knees

This is my new dress. I had planned to do my first outfit post wearing it, but I'm too giddy to keep this under wraps any longer. Yes, those are sweet, tiny little bees on the dress. When I do an outfit post wearing the dress, which I plan to wear often, I'll get some better close up shots.

This is without a doubt, the best vintage piece I own (well, actually my 1930s engagement ring is numero uno, but this is my fav dress -- someday, when we're a bit more intimate, I'll blog about the ring).

The neckline is so flattering. The fabric so soft. The print, oh the print! If Bert from Burt's Bees offered me a grand for this dress, I don't think I'd let it go. Dress love for sure. Cannot wait to wear it -- perhaps for the last day of school next week!

Other great 40s prints for sale around the world wide web:

This is a fav that I would own if it were my size (it's still in my favs, just in case my waist shrinks):


  1. Fantastic post! Great dresses! I'm ready for the ring post anytime!

  2. Beautiful dress with my favorite colors.

  3. The bees knees indeed! Thanks for sharing that dress!