Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Obsessed: T-straps

I can't get enough of t-straps. After oogling cute pairs on all my favorite bloggers, I finally found a great pair of my own. Here are some of my favs and my favorite bloggers. The last pair is mine in currently in the shop!
(Click the pictures for the links)

Anja's mustard t-straps definitely fed my frenzy. Most her shop posts this winter seemed to feature these amazing yellow t-straps! They were everywhere.

I think Emily owns my dream wardrobe. She also owns more t-straps than I can count! Emily, if you wear a 9.5/10 and ever want to unload your lot -- I'm here!

These amazing cinnamon colored pair are currently on sale in my shop:

And this dreamy pair is new at Modcloth:


  1. Those shoes are super cute. I still have to buy some!

  2. I adore the cinnamon t's!!! HOT!

  3. oh girl the cinnamon colored shoes are sooo lovely! looks great on you :))

  4. those are all so cute! i love the studded ones ;)
    your blog is deffinitly pretty damn cute!
    fillowing :)

  5. Those are wicked cute shoes! Also great dream wardrobe for sure, if a huge pile of these mythical 9.5/10 shoes show up on your doorstep and you decide you don't want them? I'd be more than willing to help you out...

  6. i still have to try this style on shoes!!! they look so dainty and modest. i especially love that last pair! :D

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