Monday, June 14, 2010

Owl Mania

One part cute; one part creepy. Well, the creepy owl reference can be understood by those of us who know David Lynch's Twin Peaks series (if you don't know, you should) or have watched the film The Fourth Kind (if you haven't yet, don't).

But generally speaking, owls are pretty darn cute. What it is, I don't know exactly. Baby owls are definitely cute -- but what baby animal isn't? I'm guessing it has to do with their round heads and big eyes (it works for Kate Moss and Hello Kitty -- sounds like a formula for success)! [Side note: I once read an article written somewhere, by someone that claimed that Kate Moss' beauty could be mathematically proven. It asserted that we as humans are drawn to certain symmetries as we find them cute or beautiful and that she, Kate Moss, is the perfect example of that symmetry).

So, I've been seeing lots of owls all over lately. Below are some of my favs plus a necklace that I'll be listing shortly. I must admit, though, this post is mostly in honor of my Alma mater: Warren Wilson College. WWC is not your average college -- that's even part of their motto: "We're not for everyone...but then, maybe your not everyone." (Seriously, you can't make things like that up). I love Warren Wilson in ways that I cannot even express in a blog post that is supposed to be about owls...

And now, after no further blabber, the owls. (Just click the pics for the links).


  1. Don't be bashful! Be shameless! :)

  2. I'm quite an owl fan -- thanks for sharing these!

  3. Soooo...I'm keeping the necklace. I wore it to school today for fun and almost all my students commented on it. It too good of a conversation piece to give up so soon. Plus, I told them that even if I'm not looking at them, the owl is. My M.O. is to be the kooky teacher and this necklace is perfect.

  4. Oh how i love owls. There are so many different designs you can do involving owls.