Saturday, June 26, 2010

Shop update: Weekend Getaway!

I grew up being schlepped across the country in a car during every school vacation. This translated into driving myself up and down the east coast for school (MA to NC). The schlepping continues as I've married a Brit whose family loves to schlep all over the UK.

Needless to say, I am a very good packer. I dislike when folks or magazines advise that everything must coordinate (duh), but then they proceed to only pack solid colors -- usually white, black, grey, and red -- (blah). I'm a color person AND a print person, so it takes talent to pack light and still look good, but, I'm not beyond bragging -- I'm good.

These are some new items in the shop and some that will be coming later this week! I think this would make a great carry-on bag getaway wardrobe!

Bon Voyage!

PS -- I have a GREAT white beaded vintage bag that would go great with all of this. But, I'm saving it for my first giveaway. Once I hit 50 blog followers, I'll be giving the bag away! Teaser pic:


  1. I really love that blue skirt and red blouse- cute!