Sunday, June 20, 2010

Summer of LOVE

In terms of my personal fashion style, I tend to gravitate toward 40s house dresses, 50s accessories, and 60s wiggle dresses.

Though, I must admit, some of my favorite fashion loves are from the 70s. Usually this is a one-off thing: a top here, shoes there, a killer dress. But lately, I've been loving 70s sundresses. Of course, I've yet to find one in my size. But these two are in my shop for you, perhaps:


  1. So sweet! The 70's does Little House! Perfect!

  2. Beautiful summer dress!!!
    I wanna wear it<3

  3. Thanks all. The first one has sold, but the second one is still available!

  4. I love ALL types of sundresses, especially that blue one! Too bad it's gone... for us anyway!