Sunday, March 21, 2010


So, after entering the world of selling vintage online, I was quickly swept away not only by all the pretty things I found (blogs, shops, tweeters, etc) but also by all the endless possibilities for me to undertake. That said, this blog was started rather hastily. My intentions were good, and I do intend to follow up on them. But as I am still establishing my shop on etsy and holding down my very, very full daytime job of teaching high school, I think it best to hold off this blog business.

Originally, I thought my blog would just stay quiet and alone -- but two of you have found me and decided to follow me despite my hiatus. I thank you for your interest and hope you will continue to be patient. It will be a while before this blog begins to flourish.

Oh yeah, I am still a sucker for Hello Kitty. This is my new watch I bought on ebay for $.99. It was a McDonald's Happy Meal prize a few years back. I figure, if it fits, I'm not too old to wear it!