Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Laura Ashley (alt. title: Tragedies of Adolescence)

Amidst this "90s grunge revival" (still not sure how I feel about this movement -- I'm even wary of using the term movement) I've seen lots of Laura Ashley dresses popping up. During the 80s and 90s, I had a love/hate relationship with the British company. First of all, I lusted for years over this one bedroom set that all my friends had. In the end, my mother go me a different LA set (tragic!). To add to the complexity, I really, really wanted a Laura Ashley dress for my 8th grade dinner dance. I like the ones with the two tiered skirts; tragically, I was fat and this was not a flattering shape for a pudgy me (again, another adolescent tragedy).

So, seeing all these pretty, iconic floral prints popping up is causing me mixed emotions (I jest). But here, for all our viewing pleasures is a collage of how I'd spot some LA if my therapist can talk me through it.

(labeled clockwise from top left into center)

1. Brown boots from Rust Belt Threads
2. Laura Ashley shorts from Trust Fund 21
3. Locket from Jean Jean Vintage
4. Laura Ashley sweetheart dress from Allen Company Inc.
5. Ray Bans from Vintage Eyewear West
6. Brass earrings from Laura Lombardi Jewelry
7. Laura Ashley prairie dress from my shop
8. Satchel from Box of Hollyhocks

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  1. That Laura Ashley Sweetheart Dress is so pretty!

    ♥ Teresa ♥

  2. i cant decide which i like best! they are all so gorgeous:)

  3. So cute! I loved Laura Ashley too. Great post.

    Twitter @sabrinaholly

  4. haha, being old enough to remember the first go around is definitely strange. it's the first time i've experienced something like it in my lifetime, but i actually really like a lot of it. the mini florals are pretty awesome!

  5. WE "Lena Hoschek" really love the stuff - prettydamncute - great description! :) here you can get news about my new collections and myself - sunny greets from graz send you lena