Monday, September 27, 2010

Iconic vintage wedding style

How cute is this couple?!?!? What an amazingly cute couple in such iconicly cute clothes. Kristen got her cute red heels from my shop! I'm really glad they worked out as they work perfectly with their whole look!
The other great part about these photos is how they connect with my own wedding. I was married last year in August, and I wore not only red shoes, but a short, lacey, wedding dress too. Tomorrow I intend to post shots from my wedding.
What are some of your favorite wedding looks? Did you do a vintage wedding? My wedding had a vintage flavor to it, but, despite my best attempts, I could not find a dress nor shoes that were vintage that worked for me.
Thanks again Kristen for sending me these great shots! Best of luck to you and your handsome man!


  1. That is really sweet! Those shoes look great with the wedding dress. I would have never thought of bright red shoes, but they really make it fabulous.
    My dream wedding is all vintage and handmade. Someday I will have wedding photos, someday....