Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Something for me..

These shoes are ALL MINE! I never, ever find vintage shoes that fit my 9.5 feet. These feel like butter. I heart them so and cannot wait for the snow to melt to wear them (outside of my house that is!).

I will post somethings for you soon! I had a really, really great thrifting day. Check out this new sweater on etsy. The first of my finds from today to get listed:

update: 02/12/10

Last night at volleyball, I sprained or fractured my ankle. The ER is referring me to an orthopedic doctor to make the final call. Alas, my cute shoes that I was bragging about are but a dream to my fragile and horribly deformed ankle. That's what I get for being a braggart!


  1. the shoes are great
    i follow you

    hope you pass by my site

  2. dammit! these shoes are too cute to not be worn! sorry about your up and get well soon :)